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Heimurinn A commissioned World map

This was for the a client’s game world and is so large that in order to make it possible to share I split it in half and reduced the quality of the jpg. I am happy with how the cities … Continue reading

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Volcanic Temple cutaway

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Lost Blacklock Mine

My entry for the 2015 One Page Dungeon contest. I was going for something that could be used in almost any game world but there definitely is a Wild West/Steampunk/Fantasy flavor. I found the most challenging part to be adding … Continue reading

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New Commission “Redthorn”

Watercolor scanned, modified digitally.

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Underwater Temple complex

Sketched on paper, scanned, textured and colored in Photoshop. I did this as a challenge entry for the Cartographer’s Guild. “The Gates” room is a puzzle that releases the water in the “Trident” end of the complex and reveals the … Continue reading

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Treasures of Fumanchu

Treasures of Fumanchu – A map of misdirection done for a challenge at the Cartographer’s guild. My first image created in Photoshop done in 3 nights just before the deadline of the contest.

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Golgath Caverns

A challenge entry for the light challenge at the Cartographer’s Guild. Sketched in pencil, scanned, and painted using my new tablet (which I was learning how to use). I think I’m going to like it 🙂

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A map from something tiny

The idea was to create a map from something small. I chose a Snowflake and used that to create a ship. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

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Compass rose design

 Just something I did recently.

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A finished commission

A commission done for

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